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Suzanna Bajger

Suzanna Bajger - Health Insurance Specialist

Originally from Upstate New York Suzanna moved to South Florida in 1971. After Hurricane Andrew she relocated from Fort Lauderdale to Jupiter, FL with her young son. 

She has had an impressive 20+ year career in insurance and healthcare. Most recently she has worked for the top hospital in our community. Her role obtaining insurance verification for treatment for cancer patients reminds her of the importance of having adequate healthcare. When illness struck in her family she had become the primary caregiver to both of her parents and quickly learned how to navigate through the red tape of insurance and medical costs.


Suzanna’s primary focus is to be of service to our community by providing free financial resources and affordable healthcare. She accomplishes this through her free services helping clients apply for subsidies when applying through the Affordable Healthcare Act and assists Medicare clients find policies that meet their goals and objectives. She applies her knowledge in medical terminology to help her clients navigate through prescription coverage, diagnosis codes, medical billing, and insurance forms.


Suzanna resides in Jupiter with her Norfolk Terrier Brigette Bardot. Her interest include the fine arts, travel ,cooking, photography and leading a healthy lifestyle. 



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